Jazzkeller Frankfurt


Hello dear friends of the Jazzkeller, this is the official shop of the Jazzkeller Frankfurt. Here you can purchase nice items, like T-Shirts and coffee cups. If you have any questions about our club or concerts please refer to our website www.jazzkeller.com

Can I buy tickets here?

This is the merchandising shop of the Jazzkeller Frankfurt. We also started to sell tickets for selected events during the week online. 

Can I do reservations here?

You can purchase tickets for selected events, with an online ticket you get a seat reservation until max. 20:30 please be on time we have only limited places and it gets crowded very quickly on certain nights.

Can I contact you via the shop?

Of course you can contact us via the email form, if you have questions about items. Please use the email address on the website to contact us for concerts and beyond at www.jazzkeller.com

Is this really the official Jazzkeller Fanshop?

Yes it is, me Philipp the son of Eugen runs it to make you happy. I do all kinds of design works, so why not dedicate a bit to my family's business.

Can I get infos about your schedule or concerts?

This shop is just there to make you happy with a T-Shirt or Coffee cup. All infos can be found on our website or on Facebook.

Do you ship also to countries that are not listed?

Please contact us via the email form and we will help you. Some countries may not be shipped. But shipping option should be "Everywhere else"

Do you have more items like cups or keychains?

Contact us and we will get inspired by your ideas and add up some more items.

Do you have other colour options?

We are flexible and try to make everybody happy, so just let us know.

Who is in charge of the shop?

It's me Philipp the Jazzkeller Junior, I like the new possibilities in the web. So why not get a shirt if you liked our place. Few clicks and its shipped to your desired place.